1. What are the sizes available?

It comes in Medium and Large size. Our medium pads measure 40cm by 50cm while our large pads measure 60cm by 70cm. One bag costs Php1,000. See size reference below.


2. How to train furbabies to use the pads?

Training furbabies entails patience and hardwork. You have to do it repetitively. Do the steps above repetitively for them to associate the pads to peeing. You can also combine absorbing the pee to pads with a housebreaking spray for faster association.

3. What housebreaking aid/spray do you recommend?


4. Are senior dogs still trainable?

Yes, Of course. We have buyers with dogs age 8years old and was still able to retrain to use pads. Its life-changing. It may take more time and patience but it will be all worth it! Using the housebreaking spray will be very useful. Don/t forget to do it repetitively until furbaby is able to associate pads to peeing.

5. How many days can we use the pads?

Since our pads are thicker and absorbs fast, one pad can last 2-3 days. Depends on how often your dog pees as well as the volume of its pee. Like in the case of chihuahuas, since they are smaller one pad can last for 4-5 days.

6. What if my dog chews the sides of the pads?

This is common for puppies as they are in the teething stage. We recommend buying peepad holders to prevent them from chewing the sides of the pads. We have available pee pad holders for both sizes of pads. Medium pad holders is Php800 and large pad holders is Php1,150. 


7. What is the difference between with Pupaholic PH Charcoal pads and regular pads?


8. Can we really save a lot from using your pads than regular pads?

Yes, Of course. Here is our simple mathematical analysis. :) It's really a big savings for us furparents. Just to share, before when I was using regular peepads, it costs me Php800/month since I had to change 2x in a day. But now, one bag lasts 4 months with my baby shihtzu.

 9. Do you sell your pads by piece for us to try first?

We do have sampler packs and its by 10pcs for both sizes. This is so you can try our product first before buying the entire bag. 


10. What are your modes of payment?

We accept COD via Lalamove with a minimal cash handling fee of Php30, GCASH, BDO, BPI and Paypal.

11. Do you have a physical store?

For now, we are selling our products online and thru bazaars. You can order our products via our website, Lazada and Shopee.

12. When is your upcoming bazaar schedule?

We will announce it in our page should we have our next schedule. :)